The Art Of Machine Quilting

m_quiltingQuilting is a great hobby and it acts as a mean to unleash your creative side. You feel so happy after each quilt. The new machine quilting technique helps in quilting more designs with less mess. Here are some tips for a mess free and happy quilting experience.

Choose a good backing fabric that can cover the top of the quilt. Before
choosing the backing fabric, think about the color of the fabric you are using for quilting. Choose same color of thread on the quilting machine so that the pattern looks neat. Once you have chosen the backing fabric, press it to your quilting top. In case you are using cotton or wool, it might need some effort of pressing as well.

Take time to prepare your quilt. Decide how you want to make your quilts. Plan how each layer should blend. If you are using machine quilting, you can use pins for securing your quilling. There will be a requirement for lots of pins so keep them ready. Most machines do not require the quilling to be marked on top. You can easily do it using a quilting design guide.

After you have your quilting plan, think about which thread you must use. There are specific threads available in the market for machine quilling. Choose colors that can blend easily with the fabric you have chosen for you quilling project.

Adjust the stitching length so that it is slightly bigger and use the walking foot for making your quilt stitching. This attachment helps in feeding the layers into the machine easily into your sewing machine. If the quilt is large, roll them up on the edges and then secure it with clips. After you get comfortable with machine quilting, you can try hand quilting to see how it comes out.

We hope these tips help you master the art of machine quilting.