Simple Techniques To Overcome Batting Issues

sam-century-score-600x300Quilting process is a fun experience during the start of winter. Creating different quilting patterns is a great way to enjoy this winter season. As good as it is, there are also some challenges in the quilting process. One of the important parts of quilting is batting. Batting provides the dimension that is required for quilting.

It can be quite tiresome and this is often one area where everyone requires help. There are so many new materials that are coming and even experienced quilters face difficulties. Reading the label and understanding the process is also very confusing and it might take a while to figure out what is right and what is not.

Here are some questions that will help you to overcome your batting battles

Before starting, think about what you are making. Making different quilts require different abilities. A table runner making is much more different than a baby quilt. Once this is finalized, plan how you are going to finish the quilt such as tied or machine quilled etc.

The most important factor while making quilts is what level of warmth is required. This plays a major role in selecting what type of fiber or material you need to select for the batting process. Some quilters plan and choose the batting first and then they begin quilting. Think about the washing requirements too. For example, a baby quilt needs washing whereas a quilted handbag does not need to be washed that often.

If you are planning to make different types of projects, you must consider few samples before trying them out. This helps you to compare and understand what works best and what does not. You can compare different fabric batting such as cotton batt and polyester batt also. You can also try washing them to see how they behave when washed. Use labels if required for understanding what is inside.

Hope these tips help you with you batting problems. Let us know if you have any more tips in the comments section.