Smart Tips To Improve Your Quilting

daydream-colored-by-wendyImproving the quilting technique is a part of the life of quilters. There are so many classes and workshops both online and direct that can help you equip your skills in quilting. The basic requirements for quilting are very simple. Threads, scissors and a thimble is what you will need to do quilting. Quilters lover sharing and most of the tips gets passed on to others. Here are some tips that can help you with quilting.

Most of the times, fabric manufacturers use codes for indicating pattern match. These codes have all the colors that are used in the fabric. By checking these codes, you can easily match fabrics. You can take the codes that are present at the selvage end of the fabric for matching.

It can be very difficult to manage three or four hundred inches if bias binding. You can use an empty paper towel tube to get this fixed. Secure one end of the piece with a masking tape and roll the other ones over. This should help you to keep them untangled.
Do not throw-off any left-over bias strips. They will come in handy when you do a small project. Any pieces that are 12-inches or longer can be used for making small patterns such as stems on flowers etc.