Simple Techniques To Get Started With Your First Quilt

Quilting process is very simple and it is very simple to learn how to do quilting. If you are a first-time quilter looking for some help with your quilting process, here is a simple guide to help you. follow these step-by-step instructions and you are good to go.

quilts-from-all-buttoned-up-2Choosing the right fabric is the first step. You can choose a multicolored print and use colors that go well with your selection.

There are some basic tools that is required for cutting the fabrics clean and for binding them together. A fabric ruler is essential for dividing the fabric and making crease marks.

Cut the fabrics into 5.5 inch squares and arrange them to see if you are happy with the patterns.

After you are happy with the arrangement, use pins to put them together. And then flat iron all the sides with seams in the same direction.

Repeat the process and use borders on all four sides. Using a machine, stitch the seams in the same direction.

Once done, the top layer of your quilt is complete. All you need to do is form another fabric that will form the basting.

Machine stitching can make your life easier rather than using hand stitching process.

I wish you all the very best with your first quilting experience and do not forget to have fun!

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